Everyone and everything can connect to the internet which led to significant transformation regarding the way we produce thanks to the digitalization of manufacturing. Modern economy requires constant change and growth. Increasing population, mistreatment of raw materials and the changing climate create new obstacles which need to be overcome. As the world grows, so does competition. Productivity and quality are essential for manufacturing. This concept requires updated technology, robotization and Industry 4.0.

Industry 4.0 highlights improvements like flexible just-in-time production, digitalized design and automatic systems. It is said that this phase in manufacturing will influence the decreasing of the amount of manpower and space needed, the increasing variety, amount and speed of production and the speed of putting products on the market. Not only does this affect manufacturing but also many other areas. Industry 4.0 executives are beginning to reduce carbon footprint by using natural resources. This demands a shift in valued qualification for employment from muscle strength to intellectual knowledge.


The replacement of manpower with water and steam which led to the first industrial revolution; shifting to electricity and mass production made up the second industrial revolution and the third revolution happened through the development of artificial intelligence and automatization. However because of concepts like digitalization and the internet we are in the stage of the fourth industrial revolution, also called Industry 4.0.