As employees of Sertim it is our priority to follow legal regulations in order to make sure to grant following generations a green and sustainable life. It is important for us to produce in a environmentally friendly way by constantly improving our technology.

Just like in any other modern industry, manufacturing causes harmful substances are put into our environment. Because of this it has become important for us to adapt and find methods to prevent as much harm as possible. For this we use eco-friendly fiber and materials and invest in the protection of our environment.

Sustainability has over the years been defined differently by foundations and organizations around the world. The word was first used in 1712 in a book called “Sylvicultura Oeconomica” written by Hans Carl von Carlowitz. The concept of global sustainability, however, was first introduced in a at the Earth Summit which was held 3rd-14th june 1992 in Rio De Janeiro. More than 100 representatives of different countries came together to develop better sustainability in the fields of biological diversity and climate.

We prioritize passing on a healthy and clean environment to the following generations.

The United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD) was established by the UN General Assembly in 1995 to assure sustainability. In the past years, however, records have shown that practical application is insufficient. To overcome this problem sustainability has to be defined clearly in order for solutions to be found. While compiling facts it is essential to analyze sustainability and life’s cycles in a detailed manner. This process will help discover different methods to achieve sustainability by highlighting the crucial point of “environmental indicators” which results in sectoral knowledge and companies including the concept of sustainability more than ever.

Sustainability combines a foundation’s economic, social and environmental dynamics to find the perfect balance between those three components to improve economic development, lifestyle and stabilization of our climate.

If we do not consider those three crucial factors we may leave irreversible problems like global warming, acid rain, fine dust and ecologic and economic harm to the generations to come.